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Egencia helps you better manage your travel program by improving control, maximizing efficiency and driving policy compliance, while delighting your employees with modern travel technology and exceptional service. Egencia clients benefit from real-time travel data to continuously monitor and improve managed travel programs.

Travel Policy Made Easy

With Egencia, travel policy is easy to administer and update through an intuitive online interface. Your corporate travel policies are clearly communicated throughout the booking process, to help your travel arrangers and business travelers stay in compliance. And Egencia travel consultants and travelers share the same platform, so your travel policy is always respected whether booking online or via the phone. 

Flexible Policy Enforcement and Control

Egencia understands a single travel policy may not work for all of your travelers. Our flexible policy controls allow you to group travelers by any criteria you wish, and apply policy to each group separately. Group travelers by cost center, allow your executives some extra latitude, or enforce strict policy up to pre-trip approval for travelers with a  history of policy violations – Egencia gives you the tools to enforce travel policy efficiently and effectively.

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Egencia clients benefit from real-time travel data to continuously monitor and improve managed travel programs.

Experts in Travel Management

Our Account Managers have worldwide travel industry knowledge and direct experience. They align Egencia’s booking solutions with clients’ business travel goals. Driving online adoption, setting up policy configuration and training are just a sampling of the benefits our Account Managers bring to each client. Additionally they offer valuable advice with supplier negotiations and bid management and hotel negotiated rate auditing and management. 

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Powerful Online Reporting Tools for Better Decision Making

Egencia’s online, on-demand reporting tools features dynamic, interactive charts and graphs populated with real-time travel data, allowing you to quickly identify travel cost-savings opportunities and make impactful adjustments to your managed travel programs.

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  • Higher Online Adoption

    Egencia’s intuitive design interface makes it simpler for your employees and travel arrangers to find what they need, saving both time and costly agent-assist booking fees. Our clients’ 82% average online adoption rate is 12% higher than the industry average.

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  • Setting Up For Success

    Egencia helps companies around the world implement and roll-out modern managed travel programs in as little as 30 days, saving valuable time and money. We are committed to helping our clients build and maintain the best possible programs in the industry.

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  • The VIP Treatment

    Egencia’s executive travel consultants serve as an extension of your executive administrative team to help manage executive travel needs.  From booking the original travel arrangements, to selecting preferred seating, all the way to reconfirming hotel reservations 24 hours prior to departure, we offer personalized, one-to-one care for those who travel most. 

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  • Expert Analysis of Travel Programs

    Egencia Consulting Services offers a full-range of options to help customize, fine tune and implement a travel management program that aligns with our clients’ business and financial goals. We gather data, perform analysis, makes recommendations, and work with clients to implement the solution.

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  • Travel Alerts

    Egencia FYI provides real-time travel alerts at the time of flight search/booking,  helping  you meet your duty-of-care responsibility to traveling employees.  Real-time alerts notify you of world events, weather, natural disasters, transportation incidents and more.

  • Traveler Safety

    Track your traveling employees en route and use Egencia’s reporting tools to identify who is traveling and view itineraries (flights and hotels).  Egencia travel consultants also are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep your travelers safe and connected whenever issues or emergencies arise.

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